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What is halal?

Halal means Lawful
According to Islam, the meaning of Arabic term “Halal” is lawful, legal, allowed or permissible under the Shariah (Islamic Law). All food items are permissible unless specifically prohibited by the sources of Islamic Shariah Law, the Qur’an and the Sunnah (Tradition) of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Certain food items are specifically mentioned as being halal. These include unprocessed vegetables, fruits, grains, and fish.

Provided an animal is not specifically prohibited by Islamic Shariah Law, the animal and its by-products must be made permissible for consumption under Islamic Shariah Law by being slaughtered according to the prescribed procedure. This process is called Islamic Slaughtering or Zabiha.

How can non-meat products be “Halal?”
Some people think that Halal is only about meat or chicken products, but many other products contain meat or chicken by-products. Even though we may think of these products as non-meat, the ingredients they contain and the processes used to produce them may affect Halal integrity.

Here is the list of non-meat products which contain ingredients or processes that can affect Halal integrity:

Breakfast Cereals
Cakes and Pastries
Cheese Products
Cheese Coatings
Coffee Mixes
Dairy Products
Drink Mixes
Flavorings and Additives
Ice Cream Products and Toppings
Jams and Jellies
Nuts and Legumes
Pastry Coatings and Frostings
Peanut Butter
Powdered, Processed and Frozen Eggs
Processed Potatoes and French Fries
Processed Fresh and Dried Fruits
Sauces and Dressings
Seafood Products and Fish
Soups and Soup Bases
Table and Flavored Syrups
Tea Blends
Whipped Toppings

How can non-food products be “Halal?”
Even non-food items can contain ingredients that have animal origins. Oils, enzymes, stearates and other ingredients and production processes used to produce a wide variety of products may affect Halal integrity.

Here is the list of non-food products which contain ingredients or processes that can affect Halal integrity:

Pharmaceutical and Vitamin Capsules
Cleaning Agents
Soaps and Shampoos
Beauty Products
Cosmetic Products
Nutritional Health Supplements
Plastic Utensils
Protein Powders
Vitamins and Minerals

What is Halal?
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