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If we are what we eat, then we should all be concerned about the foods we ingest. Islam’s philosophy of food emphasizes purity and wholesomeness. This is what we call – Halal.

Islamic Halal is well recognized in the Halal Foods Industry. Islamic Halal’s services include certification in production of beef, lamb, goat and poultry, as well as the halal-compliant production of dairy products, processed foods, additives and ingredients, vitamins and nutritional supplements, and pharmaceuticals.

Islamic Halal is recognized globally for its certification and auditing services and is striving to become a symbol of halal integrity.

Islamic Halal provides complete information on halal products, their procedures and practices for halal product producers, vendors, businesses, and consumers.

Islamic Halal is ready to answer any of your questions. You can contact us by phone and e-mail. We also provide facilities for training, seminars, conference calls, and advice from reliable experts in halal foods and government regulations.

Whether you are a producer, vendor, retail business or consumer, and you are in need of halal service and certification, you can contact us at


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Islamic Halal Food Products
PO BOX 3546
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